Did I tell you about my last pedicure...?


I really enjoyed this story by Coco Henson Scales, I liked the style that she wrote in. This story made me laugh and kept me entertained through the entire thing, and that wasn't the case with all of the other stories in this book. The way that she talks about the celebrities that come in and how she treats them and they treat her was hilarious. That's our society, you're sick of your desk job so you do something totally different, while it has it's high points, some aspects of it still suck. I commend her for taking such a leap with her career path though, even if she did have to deal with the same amount of crap.
I thought it was hilarious the way she portrayed Barbara Bush, first thinking it was the grandma and then walking outside to find the girl on hands and knees. When she spots Monica Lewinsky and escorts her out the backdoor so she can avoid Chelsea Clinton was just classic. People would kill for a job like Scales just got by chance and out of being board with her hum-drum lifestyle in an office. All the while though, this job turns out to be just like her last and gets old after a while, you can only talk about pedicures so many times.
I guess i have a little trouble understanding where this piece fits in with the rest of the stories in this book, but at the same time, I don't care. I really enjoyed it and I'm glad it was in there. After she wrote this though, were there any issues she ran into with the restaurant and the people she talked about?


You make a good point. Where does this piece fit in with the rest of the stories? I'm not really sure either! Although Scales seems to effortlessly carry us through her day using vivid, descriptive, narrative, what she's doing doesn't exactly seem like journalism. In fact, the image I had of Scales when I was finished reading was that she was two plastic surgeries away from being one of the typical patrons at the restaurant (rail thin, high-maintenance girl). For all we know, Scales is the type of guest that she criticizes, just at restaurants other than the one she works at.I googled her to try and dig up some more information. I didn't find anything that indicate what type of career she has now. Maybe I'll dig a little harder later.

you make a good point about where it fits in with the rest of the stories, but maybe thats the point. To encourage us that there are a variety of stories that are considered Narrative writing!
I agree that it was a funny story. and sometimes a lighter story, with little point and good humor is just the type of story someone wants to read.

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