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I thought Dan Savage is a really entertaining writer. I also think that's what he should stick to writing- entertainment. I thought it was pretty clear in his voice that he is a sex columnist and while his idea of "changing the Republican party from the inside out" seems like a good topic to write about, the way he went about it seemed unprofessional to me. His motivation seemed more about openly mocking Republicans than actually making a political change.

As I write this, I am thinking that I would like to read a similar article with the roles reversed; to hear about a Republican turned Democrat to, at the risk of sounding like George Orwell, overturn the party. But I'm having a hard time believing that would ever happen.

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I was disappointed that Dan Savage, who describes himself as a gay Ann Landers, used his position as a journalist at an alternative newspaper to employ savage rhetoric (pun intended) against the Republican Party. Mr. Savage denounces the Republican Party when they scapegoat gays as the enemies of American civilization. But, if Mr. Savage denounces hate speech against members of his own community; why would he then use the same type of hate speech while describing the entire Republican Party, not just a few people on the far-right wing?

Is public discourse helped when Mr. Savage describes the entire Republic Party as hate- mongering, gay bashing, neo-fascists? Just how does Mr. Savage's rhetoric promote human rights for all Americans? As journalists, when and where should we put our opinions in our articles, or should we include our private opinions just for the opinion page of our newspapers?

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