Entertaining, but journalism?


While I was entertained with the piece, I am wondering what the point of her piece really was. While I enjoyed the behind the scenes look at the lounge and celebrities, I couldn't help but think Coco could've done more with it. There is so much culture in the restaraunt business, and I'm sure it only gets more intense in a place like this. So, I thought the piece was kind of a long bragging session. This made me wonder: what does it take to me a journalist? Is Coco a journalist? I naturally lean towards no, but this class has made me open up to completely different types of writing. The story reminded me of something I'd see on this: http://waitress-stories.blogspot.com/ Entertaining, no doubt, but journalism?


I've never worked in the restaurant business, but from what I've read about it in business school, this can be one of the toughest retail businesses. You might ask me if I were to write up an article about a restaurant, which one would it be? Why not write up a really special restaurant like Ninja New York? An expensive, "$30 on up per entree," restaurant has the most unique dining experience that I'm aware of and would like to read more about. That is an important idea, as if you want to learn more about a topic the chances are that others will as well. I've even daydreamed about opening a similar Ninja theme restaurant in the mall of America.


Closer to Minnesota, there is the spy theme, Safe House Restaurant in Milwaukee. There is much history there, including the "secret password" to get in and the "secret escape route" used a clandestine way to exit the restaurant.


I wonder if John Hatcher has found a similar theme restaurant during his extended stay in Amsterdam?

I was wondering the exact same thing. I couldn't figure out the point of Coco's piece either. Maybe she wanted readers to understand that celebs aren't as perfect as people think they are. When I first read this, I was entertained by it, but I wouldn't really consider it journalism either. I think the title fits the style of the piece. It's more like a diary entry than a piece of journalism.

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