Fact/Fiction line

This section of Telling True Stories provided new ways for me to look at ethics, as well as helpful reminders of what and what not to do. As with the rest of the book so far, I have particularily enjoyed the authors' real-life cases and excerpts of their writing having to do with ethics. I particularily grasped on to Roy Peter Clark's section on page 169 when he discussed not "thinking for" the reader. "You can't interview the dead," he says on the topic. This could be applied to the questions I ask while interviewing someone, the approach I take to an interview, and the overall manner I conduct the interview. I thought it was notable that the section was used from an earlier personal essay, titled "The Line Between Fact and Fiction." I am wondering what the class thinks about the case in the same section about the source with a stutter. Is adapting the interview crossing the Fact/Fiction line?

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