Freelancing and finding a passion for writing

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In Telling True Stories, I really enjoyed the section called "A Passion for Writing" by Susan Orlean. She talks about how every writer must have a passion to write. How else will they be able to write about things they care about and interests them. I agree with her when she talks about how she hates being an outsider and hates not being included on things. But as writers, we need to find the ability to discover people we have never met before and to feel like an outsider. There is a connectiveness that writers should have with who their writing about and this creates a great narrative. She also says that being a narrative writer comes with burdens of physical and emotional discomfort, but always remember there is a payoff in the end with a great story.

I enjoyed reading the article about Junger because it gives a different viewpoint on what narrative journalism can be used for. I have had a small experience doing freelance and its exhilarating making your own schedule and working one on one with your sources. I like spending a lot of time with sources and really trying to figure them out and they story they want to tell. I guess I didn't realize that making a lot of money being a freelancer would be a bad thing but Junger makes comments on how it makes him uncomfortable. I think that being a writer is also being a form of an artist and I think many artists are very insecure about their work so maybe that's why he feels this way. I'm not sure, but I think that being a freelancer gives writers the freedom to set their own schedule and take time to get the story they are looking for.

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I agree. I loved the section about writing with passion and how narrative writing can be difficult but the end result is usually worth the stuggle.

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