Good writer, bad idea...

I hate to say it, but I really enjoyed Savage's writing! The content however, was a bit flawed if you ask me.

He is a strong writer and it was refreshing to read something so opinionated. I could tell he probably is an opinion writer and he should be. I think his style of writer is something a lot of us could learn from when writing our own narrative.

The content I would not agree with. He wants to help the democrats by helping the republicans and but in the end it seems like he is really just helping the republicans. It doesn't make sense. Plus, I think he paints an unfair picture of the Republican party. Obvioulsy, I am bias being conservative, but really? He makes it seem as though all republicans are full of hatred and against equal rights. If i was someone reading this without any political knowledge I would leave the story thinking republicans were evil. He doesn't even attempt to show any other side of the republican part. But I guess, in an opinion piece you don't really need to show the other side, or do you?

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