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I really liked the piece My Hostess Diaries: My Year at a hot Spot by Coco Henson Scales. She used a great amount of description; I was able to imagine what the restaurant, the VIP lounge and the people looked like. I really like how the narrative included a variety of different scenes. I really enjoyed the scene in which Scales and her coworker were trying to get Monica Lewinsky to leave the restaurant. She mentioned that Lewinsky "shimmied past the other tables" and "stormed" back down the stairs. Scales makes it seem like Lewinsky was running around frantically to try and avoid Chelsea Clinton. It was actually quite comical since Chelsea Clinton wasn't even in the restaurant. I also enjoyed the scene involving Star Jones because Scales clearly illustrated Jones' behavior and personality. She wrote, "Fully clothed, Star is on her hands and knees on the bed, laughing. Her fiancé is behind her, hands around her waist, mimicking a sex act" (p. 364). I like that she mentioned this behavior because it gives readers a sense of how inappropriately Star Jones was acting in a nice, public restaurant.

I like how honest Scales was in this piece as well. She didn't only include positive characteristics of herself and her co-workers and the customers, but she included negative aspects of each of the characters as well. Scales admits that she was fired from her previous office jobs and she admits that she got an ego boost from turning people away from entering the restaurant. She confesses that the owner wants his restaurant to be an "oasis of rail-thin beautiful women" (p.368) and she must seat unattractive customers in the corner or dim the lights to diminish the amount of attention brought to them. The way in which she describes the actions of the celebrities was very honest as well. She described Naomi Campbell's childlike behavior, and she provides a vivid image of what Barbara Bush looked like as she was hunched over on her hands and knees on the sidewalk. Scales objective of writing this piece obviously wasn't to make the celebrity customers look good. Maybe she wanted readers to realize that celebrities aren't as perfect as the general public might assume them to be. Scales story seemed very candid. I wonder what the celebrities described in the story would think about this piece of writing. My question for the class is: What do you think Scale's purpose in writing this piece was?


I agree, I laughed out loud at the Star Jones part. The honesty she brings into the story makes it hilarious. Scales doesn't seem to care if these A, B, or C list celebrities read the mostly negative comments she makes about her experience with them.

Good observation about the candid nature of the story. I imagine she must have wrote this after leaving the employment of the restaurant. Maybe she got fired, and then wrote this. Who knows. She obviously wasn't afraid to burn some bridges.

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