How ya doing now Saddam???

A look into the life of Saddam Huessein, the most feared man possibly in the world. I cannot believe the amount of work Bowden must have put into this story. In the first few pages of the story he writes as if he has spent numerous hours with the dictator. I think he embelishes the fact that he knows a lot about him, but does he really? Who is the person giving him first hand accounts of his office and multiple homes? How did he come into contact with so many people close to him, even as getting close to his oldest son. It was a very diffucult read, it seemed to take many turns and right angles at some point. I like the overall theme that Saddam could blame his bloodshed tyranical ways and attribute them to a patriotic cause. I like the quotes and Arabic words he uses at the beginning of each new idea, and the story that correlates with it. I believe the writing gets to detailed at times, I seemed to have a hard time keeping up with some of what he was talking about, especially things about the Saudi government. It seems that Saddam rose up from the ground into becoming one of the most famous leaders in the world, rarely for foreign policies or positive press. Over the last couple pages I felt Bowden did not do as well of a job as he could to wrap up the story. Maybe it was intentional, probably not, but he did not make me a fan, how can you compile all of this information and long hours of work and end the story like that. Ahhh im frusterated

I didnt really understand the blurb about the Olympics, was Bowden a olympian or was he talking to a man who had won for Iraq? I couldn't quite understand that, anyone catch that?


Most likely my least favorite part of journalism. I dont like to think im not doing a good job, and it seemed like that was the consensus from the scholars in this section. There are always part of your writing that can be changed for the better, the more work and decree you put into it, there is always something that can be moved or taken out or reworded. I think after reading it seems the most important things is how you manage your notes. Or how you are able to translate your initial ideas and values of a story and condensing them down to formulate a free flowing, self explaining piece. At what point in the editing process have you gone to far to "sharpen" up your story At what details expense are you trying to narrow the focus in your writing? Slippery slope slippery slope.

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