I'd like a pink cocktail


I loved the pice that Scalse wrote about her experience as a hostess at a swanky nightclub. I found myself laughing out loud. This is one of the pieces that I would have been okay reading an extra 20 pages. I've noticed a lot of people are making the argument (or just a statement) about the story not having much purpose. If we've learned something this semester, and we've learned much more than just one thing, it's that it's okay for a story not to have bigger meaning. I'm taking this story, just as a did with Orlean's, at face value. It's funny and it's entertaining. I finished reading it because I wanted to.

I'll never be a host at a night club like this. I'll never have to entertain celebrities. I'll never know what that's like. I'm happy that Scales gave me a glimpse of it.

I'm a little shocked about how bluntly she described the celebrities that she hosted. She is by no means sensitive when she described their etiquette. I loved how real her descriptions were. Her bluntness definitely came off as bitchiness which only added to the entertainment.

Loved it. It was short. (Just kidding)


Glad someone agreed with me, I thought it was just a fun story, taking it at face value is important. If she would have wanted to write about ever encounter with every person, I would have been happy.

Good point! How many stories have we read this semester that have set the class on opposite ends of whether or not there was a point? A good handful at least. I think as long as the writing is good it shouldn't matter what the bigger point is.

I agree with you, I was laughing out loud for most of the story. I think that's a really good point that you make about something we learned this semester is that it's okay for a story not to have a bigger meaning. This was an enjoyable piece regardless of a bigger meaning or not!

You made a really good point about how it is okay for something to not have a bigger meaning. At first I was wondering what the point of this story was. I thought it was very entertaining and it had great detail, but I didn't really understand the whole point. Once you realize that it doesn't have to have a point and if you sometimes just have to take it at face value, I think you are able to find it more enjoyable.

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