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Writer and gay rights supporter Dan Savage attending Washington State Republican party events remind me of the time when I was photographing, for my photojournalist class, the April 15th, 2009 Tea Party protest on the Lakewalk park between the DECC and the harbor. Dan Savage encountered homophobic rhetoric for short-term political gain. I also encountered a similar rhetoric of fear at the Tea Party protest. Many of these people expressed similar fantasy fears toward anything or anyone that they considered being Democratic or Liberal.

I like Dan Savage's structure of description, dialog, description. I had expected that "the rich" Republican Party would hold their 43rd District Caucus at a fancy hotel, renting a large convention room. I was surprised to read that instead the Washington State Republican party had rented a room far too small for the number of people who attended the event. I also expected a Republican convention to have a catering service serving up cheese and cracker platters, washed down with Starbucks coffee, instead of "bad store-bought doughnuts and worse coffee" that was not covered by Dan's five dollar entrance fee. It is funny that you can get some very odd ideas about people or events unless you have some direct experience with them.

Dan Savage's reporting on the King County Republican Convention was an entertaining and informative read. This was one of the articles that I wish was longer, as I was disappointed that it ended so soon.

I wonder if in 1998 did Dan Savage return to that Republican Convention? I wonder what Dan Savage thinks of the Tea Party?

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