I felt the details were lacking....

The title: a complete lie. I was completely taken aback by the amount of details used in the story for today by Bowden. He was able to encompass an entire person and give a look into their life and being, without actually using any quotes from that particular person. It reminded me of class this morning; Hatcher made a comment about journalism and its epic need for quotes from people. Sometimes that is what entire stories are based on and without them, many stories are seen as lacking and not able to give the whole story. After reading this story I don't know if that is entirely true. While it wouldn't hurt the story to have an interview with Saddam, NOT having it doesn't detract from the story as it is written.

The amount of detail used in the story is also a nice reminder of the editing process that goes into stories. As I'm sure is the case, Bowden probably had even more details and moments that he decided not to add in the story. However the ones he did chose let the story flow very nicely and make it a very nice and enjoyable read. The ones he chose give an insight into the lifestyle this man led and the kind of person he was. I think talking to people AROUND Saddam instead of the actual man himself, gave him details and information that he would not have gotten or would have been left out in an interview with Saddam.

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