I'm with Coco


The story was great. It doesn't need a point or a moral. It doesn't attempt to answer the question "why do I care," and that's ok with me. In fact, I don't really care at all about the night life of Monica, Star, and Chelsea Clinton. But it was an intriguing perspective on that culture. It was an informative insight. Most of all, it was written well, with lots of detail. That holds my attention and entertained and informed me, even if it informed me of irrelevant and petty things. It was worth reading and I can only hope my story turns out as good.

This another example of an author spinning straw into gold. It can be done with any story, and the way my story currently looks, that is an encouraging thought. It can be done. Coco could do it. Michael Lewis could do it. Bill Bryson could do it. Dave Barry could do it. I can too.


I agree with you. No this story doesn't have the obvious TENSION that we strive for, but it's light and fun and hold the readers attention. The writer brought us into her world by the great detail she used.

You can do it! I agree that this piece was interesting, no matter the point. Her daily worklife and anecdotes were entertainment enough. It shows that everyone has a story, and is a gentle reminder to always be nice to your hostess.

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