Is every story a story?


This touches further on what we talked about concerning newsworthiness in a type of writing that doesn't revolve around news.
The girls experience sounds typical of anyone who has worked a job like that; even for a short time. I get that it is a story; and an entertaining one at that. The girl is essentially a glorified babysitter. But what was she getting at?
If the story had ended with her saying that she was not only going to quit, but go back to the boring jobs she had before, that would have seemed complete provided she actually made some comparisons between the two fields.
I got that both jobs sucked, but she didnt explain which one sucked worse. That was a shortcoming.


I agree with you completely. I thought Coco's story was interesting and she used a lot of description to help set the scenes, but I didn't know what she was getting at either. When I finished the piece I wondered what her objective was for writing the piece. And I thought it was weird that she ended it by saying she quit her job and didn't know what she was going to do next. It didn't really feel like a complete, satisfying ending.

Yeah, the ending threw me too. It's great that she doesn't spell out the grand overarching meaning for us, but I need a little more to go off of if I'm going to try to find a point.

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