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I thought today's reading was very enjoyable. Not only because it was short, but because it kept me entertained throughout the entire thing. While I am struggling to find the point of why this type of writing is in this book, I can appreciate the details that are in the story and help make the story more colorful.

I also agree with a previous post that this semester has taught us that stories are there to be stories. There might be a bigger picture or a deeper meaning, or there might not. Having or not having one does not make a story. You read a story, and are kept interested in the story by the way it is written. You can say that you read a story because of the topic it is about, but if you get into it and find the writing is horrid, it's going to be rather hard to see the story through until the end.

I thought Scales was a little intense at some times. I had to wonder when she described the Bush daughter dry having a "moment" outside the club: did she ever read that and if so what did she think about it? I think Scales was in a delicate position being privy to many moments that celebrities might not want 'us' to know about. I think her writing was done borderline of a style that might have made those she interacted with upset at time.


I agree that Scales probably didn't consider it a problem that she was bashing on the celebrities she was writing about. We've talked about burning bridges and for Scales I would assume that she definitely burned some with these famous people.

I agree that a story, even a good story, might or might not have a deeper meaning to it. Some stories are good because they have a deeper meaning. Some stories are good because they are told well. Some good stories happen to have both. But no story needs both to be good.

The story is proof that there need not be a deeper meaning always, sometimes stories are just fun. I think it was told well, and her details kept me reading enthusiastically. I would've enjoyed a bit more description on her out of work life, but maybe it's because she didn't have one.

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