Lee Sandline

Both of my grandpa's were involved in World War II. My eldest grandfather who just passed away this summer was a tail gunner of a B-52 bomber during some of the most important battles of the war. (Normandy and Berlin) SO it is really cool for me to read this chronological storyline of the war, I think it is a great way to write this piece. ALot of the information seems a bit scattered and unattributed, but if he is writing it from first hand reccolections or stories I do not think that should be a main concern for us as readers, beucause it ovbiousl reads well as a narrative story. He is gathering details from most likely a ton of different sources to piece this together, such as the media toward the war in this time, such as after Pearl Harbor. Sandlin seems to piece together multiple accounts of war from differing points of view. I think his structure is very useful becuase with most of the information dying away around these times, it is much more diffucult to recall these events now, unless you are to gather alot of information like Lee did and put it together against a war vs. peace model.

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