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I'm reminded of John Stuart Mill's famous quote "Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives." This quote could have been written by Dan Savage, but was written by an English economist & philosopher who lived between 1806 and 1873. As you can see, petty name calling between liberals and conservatives has been going on for many generations.

I don't think professional journalists should their published articles include emotionally charged words like neo-fascist (page 379) or Nazi to describe conservative Americans just because they are conservative or liberal Americans just because they are liberal. I find it offensive when Democrats use it to describe Republicans like President Bush. I find it equally offensive when Republicans use it to describe Democrats like President Obama. So, James's Rule One is "Only use the word Nazi to describe someone who openly describes themselves as a Nazi and not as a generic word for evil."

I agree with Dan Savage that no group should be discriminated against nor demonized to support any politician or political party. I just don't feel comfortable in the way Mr. Savage made his point. Is Mr. Savage's article that was written in a disrespectful way, using provocative language, really good journalism? When on page 382, I read that he "threw my lavender gauntlet" at the Republican party, I simple stopped taking Mr. Savage's writing seriously. What happens when we forget civility in public discourse? Dan Savage goes beyond what Bill Buford did in "Among the Thugs" and became an active player in his own story. Should you report on a story that you created yourself? Should someone who calls themselves a journalist do things to provoke their subjects? For example, should you eat a cheeseburger while interviewing a strict vegetarian if you are writing for BBQ World Magazine or Grilling Magazine? Should anyone's "publicity stunt journalism" articles be included in a book like "The New Kings of Nonfiction" or a university journalism class?

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