Narrative as a daily habit

Lane Degregory describes narrative journalism from the perspective of a daily habit. She provides tips on how to come up with story ideas. I found these tips helpful because I often struggle when it somes to thinking of interesting and newsworthy story ideas. However, I also felt a little discouraged by a few of the tips as well. I have a very introverted personality and it seems as though some of the tips are geared toward extroverts and they made me feel a little apprehensive about reporting. For instance, tip #1 is titled "talk to strangers." Within this section, Degregory says to "be a nosy neighbor" and "chat with people everywhere you go." (p. 239) I don't like being nosy and I don't like stalking people and I rarely strike up conversations with people I don't know unless I absolutely have to. Can introverts still be good reporters and dig up the interesting stories? However, I frequently use the third tip Degregory suggested when I search for story ideas, "read the walls." I have found a couple of story ideas from posters that are hanging up at school. I came up with my final project story idea after I saw a poster advertising the spring drag show on campus. Although I am a little apprehensive to try some of Degregory's tips, others seemed very helpful.

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