Not a politics fan...but didn't care

Last week I posted about the fact that whether or not the topic of something is appealing to a reader, that tends not to matter as long as the writing is engaging and you like it. That is how I felt about this particular story. I am not a big politics fan, nor do I get upset when people don't agree with me on a certain subject. But none of that mattered as I read today's story. If this had been written by other authors we have read this semester I probably would have stopped reading it (just kidding, it was short I would have read it anyway...just kidding again) but Savage wrote in a way that made me want to keep reading. However, I know this is contradicting what I have written before about not wanting to hear an authors voice when they are writing a story. A story should be about the subjects. To that i argue that Savage IS the subject within this story and therefore it is acceptable to have his voice heard. I wonder what the rest of the class though of this particular style of writing.

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