Nurturing Narratives

What i found most interesting about today's reading in Telling True Stories was written by Jack Hart "Nurturing Narrative in the newsroom." Right now being in Editing 2 and dealing with a publication, what he talks about some things into perspective as an editor working in a newsroom. He writes about how editors need to be involved with their writer right away into the process. It also takes the initiative of the reporter to communicate with their editors and let them know what they are planning. Being an editor, I think this is the most struggle I have with working with reporters. I don't get enough feedback or else I don't get any from my reporter. Feedback Loops is another interesting concept he talks about that deals with the checking of sources and information. Sometimes I think this part of the editing process is overlooked because editors have a trust with their reporters and may feel that they don't need to bother doing this step, but I think this is a huge part of the editor/reporter relationship.

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