One of the more helpful sections

I really enjoyed this section of Telling True Stories. I particularly liked Lane DeGregory's section, "Narrative as a Daily Habit." Some of his ideas we have seen from other writers and talked about in class ("Tip #7: Celebrate losers"), but many of them I never would have thought could produce story ideas. Nearly all of his tips involve stepping way out of your comfort zone and approaching strangers. Which, with practice, becomes easier and less awkward.

I also liked Jacqui Banaszynski and Tomas Alex Tizon's section, "Two Visions, One Series." I liked not only the content of the story, but also how it was set up, with every other paragraph told from a different perspective.

A few of the sections in this part of Telling True Stories seemed to be about taking what appears to be a bunk story idea and turning it into something fantastic, which is what poses as the biggest problem/question for me. These writers get these ideas from their editors that no one else will take on and they end up transforming them into great stories. I guess I am a little apprehensive about how to go about doing that..

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