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I enjoyed reading this section on editing, because it helped me realize more that it is okay to change your story and have multiple drafts. I liked how in the introduction Kramer and Call mentioned riding a bike. They talked about how the first time riding a bike is a mess, just like a first draft of writing. Usually your draft needs work. They say that, "good narrative writing demands a nurturing writer-editor relationship" (197). I also liked how Emily Hiestand talks about the form or an essay and how it doesn't need to have a certain structure, but it should be like elastic (201). One thing that I need to work on with my stories that I am writing is trying to find the right balance with working with an editor. When do you know the best time to meet with them, or how to deal with what you should or should not include? I liked this section, because it did talk about the relationship that you have with an editor and the things that you can do to work on it. I will be looking back at this section again as I work on my stories and as a work with my editor.

Mark Bowden's piece:

I am still not really sure how I feel about this piece. I thought that he included good information and did a really good job on portraying Saddam, but in a way I felt like he never really got to a good point. I really enjoyed reading about all the stories involving him, but in a way I felt like there was something that was missing from it. Was he there meeting with people? Did he ever attend any of the meetings? Overall, he wrote this piece really well I think and did an overall good job with the story of Saddam.

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