Savage Politics

This story was really interesting to me in two regards: I'm studying Political Science and the type of story Savage did is comparable to mine - we both were trying to expose flaws by going 'inside'. I have a lot of respect for what he did, certainly more courageous than I was with my story.
It was hilarious to hear the responses from the homophobes in the Republican party. A little old lady said she knew a gay couple, making her not a bigot. Another said that it was just a false impression that outsiders have. And then he goes on to ask Ellen Croswell what to do about this "homosexual problem" - her response solidifies Savage's thoughts. Also, Savage tries to introduce an anti-discrimination against gays amendment and the party determines that homosexual amendments can't be brought up unless its anti-homosexual. So funny.
However, his writing style was a little lacking. I liked the story, but his sentences didn't flow like some of the other stories we have read. There were a few run-on sentences that didn't work for me.

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