Savage should stick to sex advice

The basic premise of Savage's approach is flawed. First off, "the best way to change an oppressive, backward, socially malevolent institution... is from the inside" (376). He claims that this is his intention when he submerges himself into the Republican party. Yet, he supports everything he hates about the Republican party in order to help the Democrats do "better" in the Fall.To his credit, he goes onto say that, "the better the Demos do, the sooner the Repubs will realize their "social" conservatism is a losing game (378)." That'd be okay if he had any evidence to support that this would actually happen in the progression he suggests. If I base my liking of this article on the content- what Savage stands for, I hate it. If I base it on his writing style...I love it.

Savage is a good writer! I would have been happy without the slurs but his writing is undoubtedly powerful. Probably my favorite part of this piece is at the beginning of part two. The very first paragraph tells us the direction that the rest of the story is going. How did he do this with so few words? I'm amazed at how short this article was and how powerful it was. I think the majority of the short articles we've read have been "feel good," soft news pieces. This is clear, concise, and hard.

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