Savage writes with a strong voice

Dan Savage writes with a very strong voice. It is clear that he wants readers to know what he thinks and he isn't afraid of being blunt or honest. Based on the style of his writing, you can tell that he is a columnist. I like when writers provide a clear sense of their voice in their stories, but I amlost think that Savage's voice comes off a little too strong. At the beginning of part one he refers to himself as a "commie-pinko drag fag sex-advoce columnist with a 14 year old boyfriend" (p.375). After reading this sentence, readers get to know Savage right away. It is evident that he is comfortable with who he is, but he also tells us what other people probably think about him, and he doesn't seem ashamed by that. He just threw everything out there right away. He also starts off one of his sentences by saying, "Well, let me tell you something pal..." (p. 375). It is evident in this sentence that he is using sarcasm and he wants readers to know that he is an empowered man. He states his opinions about the republic party and candidates very explicitly as well. Based on his writing, Savage seems like he could be a strong, influential man.Question for the class: What do you think about Savage's voice in his articles?

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