Scales the peacock


Having little experience with nightclubs, I found Coco Henson Scales playing the role of a nightclub hostess a bit eye opening. From king-sized beds to dealing with the rich and famous, Scales sure did have an interesting job. Of course, the crazy antics of Monica Lewinsky and Naomi Campbell are the exceptions to the normally well behaved customers, or at least I hope so. I did like the article and it is the reason why I'll never apply for a job as a nightclub host.

1. I like that this was a short story that I could read at one go, especially when compared to Wallace's Host article.

2. What did Coco Scales do after she quit her job at Hue? Did Coco earn a journalism degree or is she a self-taught writer?


To answer your second question: I googled her and the only thing that came up was this story, so it would be interesting to figure out what she does now, but the only story I could find that she wrote was this one... pretty good for a first story making it in the New York Times don't you think?

I also liked that this was a short article and easy to read. Having no personal experience at pretentious night clubs, I can relate with you to how eye opening the experience would be. But hot shot celebrities behaving rudely to the common person is nothing new in the media, therefore I wasn't really surprised.

I like how you said Monica and Naomi are the exceptions to normally well-behaved customers but I don't know if it's entirely true! I would have probably read more about Scales' experience and the other people she encountered. I'm willing to be she has more stories to tell but like you said, this length was very appropriate and easy.

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