So what?


I really had a hard time caring about Scales' experience as a hostess. I found the read easy and it kept my attention, but I was a little thrown off by her lack of depth. For most of the story, I though Scales was kind of a bitch, turning people away just to boost her own ego. She was okay with having the job for the sole purpose of being sexy and spent all her money on clothes her boss wanted her to buy. Not to sound like a raging feminist, but these details made it hard for me to respect Scales as a journalist.

Which after just typing that last sentence makes me wonder: is Scales considered a journalist?

Long story short: pretentious restaurants draw in pretentious celebrities. What else is new?


Reading this post was almost as fun as reading the article itself.

Does that count?

I'm in agreement with the comment above mine, haha, "not to sound like a raging feminist" made me laugh out loud. I don't think she wrote the story for the sole point of pretentious restaurants and what crackpot celebrity personalities they bring in. I think it's important to note that she just picked up this job because she was bored with a desk job. A desk job in which she probably had to wear mom-like-tennis-shoes and speed walk all about the place, who wouldn't leave that place?

I agree with you on some parts of that. I kind of thought she was lacking depth in the story to, but on the other hand I found it to be some what entertaining. I think that it was interesting how she quit her desk job and became a host at a club for awhile to experience other things. She did seem a little "bitchy" at times, but I feel like that added character. I feel like if she didn't add that character this story really would be pointless.

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