Star Jones, Monica Lewinsky and Chad Lowe! Oh my!

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Coco lived an interesting few months at this bar, there's no denying that. And there's no real point or moral to this story either. There's not much denying that. That said, I was entertained by Henson Scales' story and, perhaps due to its miniscule total length, enjoyed reading about wanna-be celebrities at this "hot spot" (Star Jones, Monica Lewinsky AND Chad Lowe! Whoa!). But I do have a lot of questions. Like: As she was working at this club, did she know she'd be writing a magazine piece on her experiences? Was she writing this as she worked there? What's her background as a journalist? If she has none, this is a pretty good effort from a cocktail waitress. I want to know more about Coco Henson Scales than I do this fading club that she wrote about. I liked the voice she uses. Her sarcasm when dealing with these whiny celebrities is perfect, I want to think I'd be able to write this way about famous people too.

My only real complaint pertains to the story's ending. Granted, it's probably appropriate for the conclusion to be so abrupt. After all, that's probably how her decision to quit came about--abruptly. I simply would have liked more. Much like the Val Kilmer story, there's nothing earth-shaking going on here, but it's a fun read and I wanted it to continue. Perhaps until Paris Hilton or, I don't know, Rob Schneider stumbled into the club. This story was like reading the gossip column, but pretty well written. I enjoyed the fun she had with it, and the story's simplicity. Go Coco.

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According to New York Magazine, “This venue is closed.” How’s that for a good ending to Coco’s story?

I had thought that Coco Scales was crazy to give up her job at Hue, but this time she did the right thing and started looking for a new job before Hue closed. This review site has four slides of the restaurant; the first one illustrates outdoor / sidewalk tables. Hue’s web site is down, so I can’t say for sure if Hue’s owners ever used Coco’s story to bring in new customers, I know I would have!

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