Story about nothing...but it was a fun read/Draft Update

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After I read this story by Ms. Scales I thought... "What was the point?..." Then I realized that the point was just to show the mediocre life of a hostess. It did not have a over-arching grand lesson for anyone. Just that this is the life of a hostess at a fad restaurant where the drinks are over-priced and the service is great if you know the right people. I feel that Ms. Scales was a nice woman when she started and then developed into this cold-blooded, sadistic witch. She seemed to despise any and everyone that came into the restaurant. Heck, she even mentioned how it is entertaining to mess around with people waiting to be seated. Whether it was accepting bribes, or making them beg, she seemed pretty harsh. Overall, this was a nice read and it helped emphasize that regardless of topic a creative and detailed writer can write just about anything.

Update on my writing piece: I am almost done with my final draft and hope to begin the editing process by Friday. I think I have a nice "narrative" feel to my piece and hope that I can turn this into a nice profile of the Kaspari's. I will update my draft on the blog for more input from others. Thank you.

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I'm with you, I spent a long time looking for a point and all I came away with was "Wow, that was entertaining. Those people sure are rich."

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