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I'm happy to say that I took a strong message away from today's reading. The section in telling true stories about freelancing and success in the magazine world made me forget any ideas I ever had about working in either capacity. A few years ago I thought working for a magazine like Sports Illustrated and strictly writing big feature stories was a realistic goal. I now see that goal as pretty unrealistic, which is fine, especially after reading this article. I thought I'd mention that I found O'Nan's piece on not stopping to be a little weird. He gets a little carried away with his rules, such as suggesting writers "Take your lunch hour. Take your sick time. Sit in the bathroom and think about your writing." devote most of their focus to their projects, even if they hod other jobs. He says "Do a good job for your employer, but do a better job for yourself." I found some of the advice he gives to be very useful, especially the parts about holding yourself to a deadline and staying involved to avoid letting the project sit unfinished, but had to laugh a little about being advised to sit in the bathroom lost in thought about writing.

Questions: Is anyone in class interested in a career as a freelance writer? Is chasing a career as a freelance writer any less reliable than pursuing work at a newspaper?

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Yeah I don't think I want to write in the bathroom either. Kind of over the top. I actually am interested in a freelance career, but I probably wouldn't go for it as my only source of income. I'd like to try having a job but really devoting a lot of time to freelancing and just seeing what comes of it. That would make it hard to do stories like the land mine one where the writer spent 18 months in Angola, but hey... you never know.

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