Tales of the Tyrant: Serious in depth reporting

The extensive details and specific scenes in this piece are pretty outstanding. It makes me wonder how long it took Bowden to actually be in Hussein's presence, report all the daily findings and information on him, and then actually organize all the information into a story. I thought it was interesting how Bowden explained some of Hussein's quirks about his daily routine or his likes and dislikes. Getting the really detailed descriptions motivated me to keep reading. I looked up the definition of a tyrant: a cruel and oppressive dictator. This description fits the intense stories that Bowden wrote about.(page. 283 when Hussein pointed out all the people who,in his eyes, had betrayed him and they were taken away, not knowing their fate.) This piece of writing is motivating because it shows the product of impressive reporting and obvious shows an extensive amount of time being put into a story.

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