Telling Troof: Building a Career

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I especially liked the last section of Telling True Stories. This section really actually made me believe I learned something from reading it. Freelance journalism is not the ideal career path for many people at all. Jim Collins makes that very clear in the first section dealing with numbers of income for most freelance journalists. It is crazy to me how difficult it is to make is as a self employed writer for magazines and such. That you need to report and come up with a decent amount of your story to put in a query or pitch letter. That the more you can formulate a page turning first impression, the better chance you have for that piece to go to the "editor-to-read" pile. Collins explains that the more specialized and narrow you are, it can reflect in positive good non-fiction writing. It was also interesting how much time and effort this stuff really takes. Stewart O'nan's rules of the trade were a tad farfetched, but helpful. Spend the prime (every waking) hours of the day working on your project for it to be its best. By rule 17 he finally hits it on the head...Enjoy yourself. I do not think that I will ever want to write a book but if i wanted to I would know how, Helen Atwan taught me. She put into perspective when thinking about STARTING and FINISHING a book, you must have the drive to keep it going, no matter how long or hard it may be. The last section by Susan Orlean was my favorite. Her example about the duck hunting story piece put it into perspective for me that the best writing, "the stuff" most likely will come by putting yourself in a uncomfortable position, and thats just the way it is.

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Yeah I liked Atwan's thing about finishing, too... that's usually the hardest thing for me. Especially with something as long as a book, I think I would probably lose interest around the middle. There's value to sticking it out, though.

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