The shotgun rule, a new addition to my lexicon

Jack Hart's section, "Nurturing Narrative in Newsrooms" struck me as being really sound advice. First he says newsrooms should, ideally, adopt a Hollywood-like understanding of writing to truly create good narrative. Then he bemoans the fact that newspaper writing has become a corporate endeavor, designed only to make money for the paper's owner. Hart had me after two paragraphs. As much as I enjoyed Hart's initial semi-rant and his subsequent advice, I'm consistently astonished by the mixed signals this book sends readers regarding the use of tape recorders. Here, again, Hart recommends using a tape recorder to "overcome the accuracy problems caused by stale notes and overwhelming quantities of material." Ok, but I cannot help but feel as though this is the third or fourth time this book has flip-flopped on this issue--and I know what Sam Cook would say about recorders. I don't use a tape recorder, I don't think I'd like it. But should I be using one? Am I doing myself a disservice by not using one? I don't know, I've been given multiple answers to that now. That said, I did appreciate Hart's advice for the most part, especially the section entitled "A storyteller's lexicon." I particularly enjoy kicker quotes and like logic behind the shotgun rule.

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