the stories of our lives...

I think this section was very helpful and reminds us all that everyone is a story teller and therefor everyone has a story (just not like Steve Hartman thinks). Our stories are told without effort everyday and it's within those tellings of stories we are able to use and sometimes notice our narrative tendencies. Degregory's part was very helpful to me. I have always believed that getting started on a story and finding an idea that not only I find interesting, but that other people would want to read about, is one of the hardest parts of writing for me. Many times I fear that what I find interesting will bore others to tears, while at the same time not wanting to bore MYSELF to tears with a story I don't see any point in writing. For me the reporting part is the most fun part. As lame as it sounds I almost get some sort of high off of it and can't wait to tell people about the person or people I have interviewed and everything they have told me. My room mates are more than likely sick of that.

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