tough decisions made during reporting

I really enjoyed reading the chapter on ethics. It provided a lot of interesting and helpful information. I was most interested by Sonia Nazario's story Dealing with Danger: Protecting Your Subject and Your Story. I thought it was remarkable that she took on the challenge of traveling Enrique's journey of crossing the Mexican border to the U.S. Nazario faced a great amount of ethical and legal challenges and she provided readers with the decisions she had to make prior to and during her experience. The three important tips that she presented include: 1) Narrative stories must convey reality, 2) When we intervene, we risk our subjects seeing us as something other than journalists, 3) To avoid changing people's lives, we might have to withhold some information from our readers. I thought it was very important that she did not include Enrique's last name in order to protect him from the INS. I understand that if she would have provided medication or her cell phone to Enrique or the other children, the story would have been changed tremendously, but how did she decide when it would be ok to let them use her materials? How did she draw the line between what it life threatening and what is not? It would be interesting to hear from others about when they would allow their sources who are in tough situations such as Enrique's, to use their materials or medications?

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