TTS pt. Ochocinco

I enjoyed the section with Jaqui Banaszynski and Alex Tizon's dialogue about their series Across America, shortly after September 11th. This was a gift for the people of Seattle I think because they took a great angle by Inviting the readers for the "journey", when they didn't even know where it would lead them or what to. Theme was only later established because the piece was written with so much emotion and passion, which is evidence of good reporting. I thought the large Chicago group piece was entertaining too, I had never thought of such a large story with so many people working on it, It was cool to see the process from the reporter and editor's POV, of how the layout was made, trimmed down to the 4 part process about air travel.

Degregory's tips were semi eye opening. His approach to this style of journalism really tells a tale in itself, that he is the best. Finding stories for him is just so easy, but I think writing about everything and anything like he says is not the hard part, it's seeing if the readers will come with you. Taking pieces nobody else wants is not something I would normally think of as a tip, maybe a tip to get fired. It is easy to see he is a tad cocky but a very talented writer and formulator of master narrative. It is crazy how much he pays attention to little details and turns them into what he does. He is very good.

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