Very very rough draft- The Kaspari's

(start with a scene of them attending church)... Cameron and Pearl Kaspari are devote Evangelical Christians. Heck, Pearl's maiden name is St. Mary. They both grew up in Duluth; Pearl going to Hermantown High School, and Cameron attending Denfield. However, Pearl and Cameron could not have started out in any more different of places. Pearl grew up in a very Christian oriented house, with a father who was heavily involved in their church. Cameron grew up in house that never stepped foot in a church. "I had never been to church in my life, never," Cameron explains. "My parents had never gone to church." So, how did this bartending bachelor end up with a sweet little Lutheran girl?

During the early '40s Cameron Kaspari worked two jobs. During the week he worked down in the shipyard and on weekends he bartended at Green Gables Tavern. "I lived in a hotel; it was eat, drink and be merry." Cameron recalls. "In the shipyards you could make all kinds of money. And for the fellow who was serious about acquiring money, that's the place to be. I didn't care about saving money, but I cared about earning enough money to have a good time. It was kind of a reckless era." That all was about to change when a group of bridesmaids decided to come to the bar for a little late night music.

(Pearl back story...still need to do some more reporting on that)

[[I will be going with the Kaspari's to their church this Sunday. I will be spending more time with them over the next week or so. I know this is not a complete rough draft, but I hope to get good feedback on my story. I am open to ideas.]]

-Ethan Walker

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