Well, glad I just applied to several places to hostess...

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This story sort of discourages me from my plans of hostessing this summer, but it was hilarious and I wanted to read more. I liked the story about Monica and Hillary Clinton, I'm sure scandals like that happen in swanky restaurants all the time. It was interesting to hear the story from Scales' perspective as a woman who has the power to reject who can come into the restaurant and how it gives her an ego boost. How honest. The detail she uses in describing celebrities is great because I can picture exactly what the situation would looks like. (like when she describes how overly nice the Bush daughters are) So ok, this story is not puzzling, it doesn't harbor a huge amount of TENSION, but it was fun and kept me very interested.

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I'm with you--fun is probably the best word to describe this. I like your point about her honesty regarding the ego boost of turning people away. I thought she came off as pretty cocky, but I maybe didn't give her enough credit for how blunt she is. Good luck with your hostessing, I'd say anywhere you go is probably going to be less cutthroat than the place in this story!

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