What a great idea. Go Dan Savage.

I have a lot of respect for Dan Savage here. He's pretty brutal toward the GOP, but I'm mostly ok with that. For a gay, cross-dressing, sex-advice columnist to throw himself to the wolves of the Republican party must have taken such courage, or at least passion toward the cause he believes in. And I love how blunt he is. Honestly, I probably couldn't have done any of what Savage does in this article. I would be entirely unable to put myself into such a hostile situation and, after the fact, I would probably be almost as unlikely to write as critically of the experience as Savage did. And I love the points he makes. The GOP preaches liberty and justice for all, yet uses homosexuals as a convenient scapegoat for any social problems they encounter. Granted, someone could probably find plenty of ways to chastise the DFL as well, but not many ideas, from a Democrat or Republican, could be as clever as Savage's was. My question: Is Savage unfair to his newly-found conservative "party-mates?" He has very strong opinions going in, and doesn't seem open to changing or examining them. Is this a problem? Or has Savage earned the right to be close-minded in response to the party's close-mindedness toward gays? A tough question...

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