What was the Point?


I feel like I missed something. Upon finishing Scales' piece I found myself scanning back through, looking for meaning. Attractive female becomes fed up with office job, gets hostess job at swanky nightclub, nightclub loses prestige, hostess leaves. Am I missing something?

The anecdotes were fun and the overall piece was light, quick, and fairly entertaining. But I don't feel like I learned anything I couldn't have already guessed about swanky nightclubs. There wasn't a 'big idea' she was driving at, whereas with other pieces in this book had two or three big ideas. This was a year's worth of diary entries condensed into twelve pages. Meh.


I don't think this piece's purpose was for this huge learning experience. I think she wrote it to put into reality what its like to work with celebrities and being a hostess at a club. It is different from the other stories that we have read because there is not this huge reason for the story besides being entertaining and allowing her readers to understand what her experience was like.

I felt the exact same way. It was an entertaining read but I struggled to care. I agree with the other comment, that I don't think Scales was attempting to be profound, but more to share her experience.

I felt like it didn't really need a "point", it was entertaining and kept my attention. Can't ask for much more.

I think this piece was written for entertainment and for the generally public to see what really goes on behind the closed doors of high end night clubs. Pure and simple, that was the main point and I don't think there needs to be a deeper meaning to it. I did find it curious though that it was included in this book for the same reason as you've stated.

I also agree that this piece was written for entertainment value. I found myself looking for a point to the story after I was reading it to, but then I realized it kept me drawn in and entertained through the descriptions and details so that must mean something.

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