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The last chapter of Telling True Stories answered the question "when is it ever possible to use this?" Throughout the book we had been given advice about how to successfully write narrative journalism; there was always that nagging thought in my head that it would be impossible to actually write freely like they described. And it seems that is next to impossible to become a narrative journalist. This section didn't offer much encouragement other than if you are passionate and hardworking enough you can make it. It was interesting to read that most narrative journalists don't start off as such, instead they usually get bored of their job at a daily newspaper (or an engineer) and write what they want in their off time. As many authors in this section hinted at, it is a real risk to be a full time freelance writer.

I thought The Perfect Storm article was great. Junger is this really humble dude, who loves learning interesting stuff, and does treework. It was awesome that he seemed not to care if his writing sold, as long as he told an interesting story. He was completely caught off guard by how successful his book was. It was rad that even after he hit the jackpot he still does tree work just to keep himself grounded.

How often does this happen, as with Junger, where you can write whatever interests you and make a living doing it? Sounds like the life. Even if he didn't hit the 'jackpot' with his book do you think he would still be doing it, fighting the good fight? If you're telling a story that's important would you even care about getting paid? I don't think so.

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I agree with your take on the "Telling True Stories" section of reading. It does seem like a bleak time to risk becoming a freelance author and I was disappointed that the pay-off from this book was "work hard enough and maybe good things will happen." Really? Thanks.

Junger's humbleness is also pretty cool. Millionaires doing treework could almost be a story or book in itself.

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