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Samantha Power said that she came to the conclusion that she should only write a book if she cannot live with its absence, when she has a question that must be answered. I wish this is how journalism could be. Unfortunately, in the daily grind of journalism, journalists are forced to write stories that maybe don't matter that much. On a slow news day or week your editor might assign you a story that you could care less about, a story you know hardly anyone will read. I wonder if journalism has to be this way. Are we just not putting in the effort to find stories worth telling?

I know what this is like first hand. UMD is a fairly safe campus. Crime is relatively rare, other than the underage consumption ticket or occasional burglary. I have to write a story every week regardless of if there is a story to write. I have to write a story no matter what. I hate it. I hate writing a story I know isn't worth reading. I hate putting my name on it. But the Statesman needs to fill that space. That leaves me often time writing something I don't care about. If the writer doesn't care the reader sure as hell doesn't.

But, at the end of the day, that is the name and game of journalism write now. Sometimes we have to write stories that aren't always the most interesting. The stories that we can't live without, the stories we are proud of, make the not so significant ones worthwhile.


I agree completely agree with you Veronica. I think too many times journalists these days are GIVEN stories to do and don't FIND stories. They simply run the grind from day to day and report on the same thing the papers are doing, as well as other stations. While some reporters to take the initiative to find their own, this typically comes during sweeps week or a time when they will be judged. I would like to see journalists write stories because THEY find t hem interesting, not their bosses.

I agree with you. I would have an extremely hard time writing a story that I thought wouldn't be interesting. The whole joy of writing is taking an interest in WHAT you are writing about, and knowing others will as well.

I also agree with you Veronica. I think that if you do a story that you are interested in and that you care about it will make the reader more into the story and care about it to. I also think that it would be difficult to write a story that you really don't care about or aren't interested in. I also think that it would be hard to know that you have a story do each week and you HAVE to turn something in. It would be easier if we could just write about what we want all the time, but I know that isn't usually the case.

Obviously as journalists we will have stories that we either don't like the topic or we are passionate about. But I think this is a challenge to being a good writer: to be able to write about anything and make it known through your writing. Even if a writer isn't passionate about a piece of writing they are doing, you shouldn't be able to tell as a reader if they are a great writer.

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