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chapter 7 scenario

Case Study:
TV talk show where people are arguing about how to deal with drug issues. The argument is polarized-one guy says drugs are good, the other guy says their bad. However, they avoid dealing with the real issues and argue about things that are irrelevent in order to draw in more viewers.

Each person feels strongly towards the opposite side of the issue though neither may be right or wrong. The problem is that they are not looking for solutions or compromise. They exaggerate their argument for the effects, all the while alienating viewers who wonder how the drug problem will be solved.

As the talk show's host, we reign the discussion in by asking them how we should approach the drug issue as a society. No doubt they will have very different ideas on how to fix the problem. It will be our job to look for some kind of middle ground where everybody (or, more acurately, nobody) is satisfied.