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Chapter 9 Case Study

You are the editor of a distinguished daily newspaper in southern Kansas. As of recent, there has been an influx of Hispanic immigrants coming into your city. Most immigrants reside in the east end of town--it's crowded, dirty and crime is rampant. There are obviously many problems with this part of town. You learn through some investigative reporting that the police force generally doesn't patrol that particular part of the city. You also learn that many of the shattered houses in that part of town aren't up to city code--the landords have been ignoring numerous complaints from Hispanic residents. You think this is issue is a news maker. You want to run a five part series, but your boss says that Hispanic immigrants rarely buy and read the newspaper. Your boss tells you that a new golf course is being built on the west end of town and wants you to do a story on it. All the rich, white people live in the west end of town and are the largest subscribers to your newspaper. The golf course also wants to run full page advertisements in your paper. Do you change the paper so the Hispanic demograph finds it interesting, or do you ignore them and run a story on the new golf course.

Luke K, Jonathon, Marti.