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The Daily Show

Ok, well I don’t know if all of you are like me, but when you feel like watching the news, you don’t go to CNN, Fox, or MSNBC. Personally, when I watch the news, I like the Daily Show. I also read the newspaper every morning, but at 10pm I flip to Comedy Central. I prefer to end my day on a comedic note. Every morning when I get up, I am bombarded with the latest tragedy in Iraq, news of a waning Economy, or another murder that took place. But when I go to bed, I get the latest bonehead thing done by congress, or a montage of all the hypocrisy that occurs in the federal government. So when tragedy struck at Virginia Tech I thought “What will the Daily Show do about this?? Well I was reminded that the Daily Show not news. Its comedy. Its host, Jon Stewart, doesn’t claim to be serious. If you don’t believe me watch him on “Crossfire,? which does claim to be a news program:

The Daily Show went on to talk about random news, and interview Andy Card. The next day he interviewed a guy from “the Deadliest Catch.? This brings the debate. Where are we as a country if a lot of the people 18-24 get all of their news from the Daily Show, or the Colbert Report? Do these shows have any sort of journalistic responsibility?



Colbert and Stewart on their shows on comedy central have no journalistic responsibility, they are on comedy central and that speaks for itself. I think most kids 18-24 are aware that comedy central isn't a respected news network. I don't think its a very big deal.

I personally find both Colbeirt and Stewert to be pretty funnny. However, I also shutter at the way they approach certain topics. It is fairly well known that many college aged students watch either one or both of these shows. Although they both claim to be for entertainment, they need to realize that some people turn these shows on and absorb everything told to them. The youth of America watches these shows and base some of their perceptions about the world on what they hear. I think they both must realize how dominant they really are to America's youth.