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What would you do?

Journalism students created their own list of ethical decision making case studies. Here they are. Read them and decide, what would you do?


Chapter 4-Journalism of verification

Mayor Herb Bergson was giving a lecture at UMD. A student reporter was there reporting the story. Local news stations also reported on the lecture, but misquoted Bergson. Other mediums picked up on the story and misquoted Bergson as well. The student newspaper was the only one that got it right. How would you, as a student, react to these other news networks getting their facts wrong and not seemingly taking the time and getting it straight?...

We are combining chapters 8 and 10.

A TV station runs a news story warning the community about sexual predators. The story shows a large group of people and gives the statistic about how many sexual predators are in the community. It then zooms in on one mans face. This man is not a sexual predator and has never been arrested for anything in his life. He sues. What would you do?