July 2, 2008

Day 2 Session 3

Nozomi Shimada, Lesson Study with Easy-to-use HDTV-based Videoconference System in a Graduate School of Education

They used videoconferencing to do teacher education in remote, distance courses. The HDTV was important because it allowed them to capture the students interactions and expressions. Remote participants observed senior teachers teaching a course remotely.

Day 2, Session 2

Britt Carr, Video Anotation Tool and Formative Assessment Tool Using Flash Media Server.
The discussion is about a video annotation system using Flash media encoder. They had partnered with a company in Japan, but the company got purchased and they deprioritized the project. The University is now bringing the project in-house. They are really focused on adding in a lot of really robust features, including picture in picture video annotation, flash symbols (like animated arrows and circles) and such. It also has a standardized rubric space, which is a nice touch; future iterations are going to support customized rubrics. He wants to create a virtual audience that reacts and does audience types of things to allow them to get embedded, authentic assessment.