March 25, 2008

Developing socio-cultural frameworks for teachers' use of technology

The papers focused on adopting technology as part of a wider social practice in the classroom.

He is looking at computer algebra and dynamic geometry.

• He talks about technology and how it is used in the classroom as an adaptive process -- the affordances of the technology become "ingredients in" rather than "determinants of" the classroom practice
• Instructors tend to use structured investigation when using technology in the classroom, but they *talk* about using technology to enhance guided discovery

TALK 2: Exploiting interactive digital technology to enhance dialogic classroom interaction
• Based on a sociocultural, dialogic model of education
• technology should serve pedagogy
• they are discussing ways in which they can use the interactive white board to build cumulative knowledge over time and to bring the class together in a dialogue about ideas
• They are having a conference next year at Cambridge on the use of "whole-class interactive technologies"; it might be worth submitting a paper for this on using blogs and wikis

TALK 3: IWTs in Singapore
• Singaporean teachers often take a declarative approach, and students end up with a wide range of basic knowledge and skills, but the approach has somewhat dampened creativity, which is a concern
• She identifies 3 stages of development: supported didactic, interactive, and enhanced interactive

TPCK, or TPACK -- Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Mishrat and Koehler, have a handbook of TPACK