February 26, 2009

Meeting The Course Transformation Program: Upgrading High-Enrollment Courses for 21st-Century Learning

Poster presented at the Educause Learning Initiative conference in January, 2009. The poster can be downloaded here.

Course Transformation: A Methodology for Aligning Institutional, Instructor, and Student Goals

Presented at "Focus on the First Year" conference at the University of Minnesota, October 22, 2008.

July 6, 2008

MediaMill: Archiving and distributing media to meet a wide range of educational needs

Short paper delivered at the Ed-Media 2008 conference in Vienna, Austria.
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March 27, 2008

Web 2.0 Learning Tools

Web 2.0 Learning Tools, co-presented with Barbara Sawhill for the Junior Faculty Development Program, U.S. Department of State.


February 25, 2008

Web 2.0 Technologies: What are they? What is their role in higher education?

Educause Podcast, 2008

Comparative Political Media 2.0: Blogs, wikis, podcasts, YouTube, and more

Educause Learning Initiative annual meeting, 2008
Presentation blog

New News Tools

Tech Talk, Public Television Program, 2008

A Conversation with a Wiki Champion: Jude Higdon (Chapter 4)

Wikipatterns: A practical guide to improving productivity and collaboration in your organization, Mader, Stewart, Wiley Publishing, 2007

Web 2.0 Technologies in the Classroom

Emerging Digerati Speaker Seminar, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 2007

Distance Learning, Engaging All Students

Invited talk for the USC Center for Excellence in Teaching, Los Angeles, CA, 2007

Blogging for Teaching and Learning

Invited talk for the USC Center for Excellence in Teaching, Los Angeles, CA, 2007

Wikis in the Academy (Chapter 9)

Using Wiki in Education, 2007

Who needs an Eportfolio? All my coursework is on my blog

Presentation for Electronic Portfolio Action Committee, January, 2006

Teaching, Learning, and Other Uses for Wikis in Academia: All Users Are Not Necessarily Created Equal

Campus Technology, 11/15/2005

From CMS, Blogs, to Wikis: Social Software as ePortfolios in Higher Education

Campus Technology Syllabus Conference, Los Angeles, CA, 2005