Today, I'd like to write about teamwork. When I work with partner for project1, I really had no idea what I need to do. I'm not good at C and C++. My partner knows how to read and write C and C++ code, so it was really good to work with him. I had these benefit with teamwork.

  1. Skills
  2. Someone is good at listening and you might be good at swimming. Although we are taking same classes, my classmates and I probably have different skills. As I mentioned above, I'm not good at C and C++. My partner has good skill of them. So, he writes a code and I help him something like fixing errors, finding something in textbook, or sharing my note(I'm good at taking a note).
  3. Ideas
  4. Everyone has different background, personality, and knowledge. That means everyone thinks different way and create a variety of ideas. Sometimes I might have a good idea or my partner might have a good idea, so we can share our thinking and make better result. Sharing ideas also can improve your idea more useful. You, for instance, want to make program for washer. You will make functions called wash, rinse, and dry. You will think 'This is perfect'. If you share your idea with your partner, your partner will be able to give you some feedback like "I want my washer has water temperature controller.", "I have many sweaters, so I want a power controller." something like that.
  5. Friend
  6. I think this is the best benefit. When I took CSCI 2011 class, my professor said "You might think discussion class is useless and you can work yourself. However; working a project with someone helps you learn faster and have a friend. I saw many students studied together until they graduated. " The class was hard for me, but because I had good group members, I could finish that course successfully. I'm still keep in touch with them and I will take other classes with them later. If you know one more person than others, you will get at least twice more information during your life.
  7. Cooperation
  8. Many programmer work on a project together in real world since it is huge usually. If we don't know how to cooperate with others, then it will be hard to get a job. One of the benefit of teamwork in school is learning how to work with someone, share your thinking or idea with your team members. It is important thing for your job in the future as I mentioned.
  9. Speed
  10. This is easiest thing people can think when they cooperate. When I was young, I saw many arithmetic problems asking like 'It takes three hours to clean the room for A but two hours to clean the same room for B. It takes one hour to clean the restroom for B but A can clean the restroom for thirty minutes. If they work together, how much time they can save?' I think we learned how cooperation is efficiency from when we are young.

I think these benefits are what we have when we work together.


Yes, the skills and ideas part, these are good thoughts to include, when considering a partner. I think you should also consider how they have contributed in this first iteration of the project.

It's good that you work well with your partner, but I'd suggest you might want to broaden the skills that you are looking to develop in the class. Being able to fix errors or find ideas in a textbook are good skills to have, but in any programming job your supervisor is going to expect you to do more than that.

I'll give you the same suggestion I gave someone else: if you feel like coding together isn't working out some days, maybe try working separately on it after lab and then meeting on Monday or Tuesday to go over what each of you has worked on and arrive at a final version. If you get stuck on some parts, you'll understand better what you need to work on, and you can always ask your partner or the forums for help.

It'll require more effort and take more time, but I think you'll be happier at the end with where you are as a programmer.

-Chris Saffert

It's good you and your partner have different skills. This class requires a lot of different things, and many of us are not good at all of them. As long as you get along with your partner and can find time to work together, he/she can be an excellent safeguard against falling behind or missing an important part of the class.

Killain Pukema

I agree with the cooperation point. At my old job I mostly wrote code alone, but there were times I discussed ideas with my coworkers because I just needed a fresh perspective on my current problem. Even if they couldn't directly help, merely explaining the problem and trying to answer their inevitable questions can give a better understanding of the problem.

Garrett Johnson

Teamwork can be broken down into so many different ways, but I like the way you did it. You kind've covered the general skills received from working in a group.

I think that cooperation is probably the hardest thing to overcome when discussing teamwork. Cooperation can include the whole cutting up the cake idea. aka making sure everyone is doing their own fair-share amount of the work. If someone doesn't do as much as the others, they fall behind. Cooperation just intertwines with effort so much. Gotta keep up with your partners!

Also, I agree with what you said about the whole friendship thing from teamwork. You really get to see more of the mindset of a human being for the subject being discussed. It really helps to understand the psychology of a person when working with them. It helps you to make changes neessary that won't disrupt them. If you are closer to them, this isn't as much of a problem!

Tom Manion

I am currently going through a similar phase where I am also learning a lot from my partner as we are on almost the same skill levels, but I feel like he understands what is going on better. I actually talked about the ideas aspect of working with a partner in my blog as well. Even though I have known my partner for a long time, I cannot say we hang out outside of class, however. I absolutely agree on the speed, but sometimes when there are arguments it isn't always as easy to speed things up. The upside to that is that you learn to work in a group which is a very important skill to have since in the real world any programming project is done in a group and it will be necessary to have a skill such as this.

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