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Flash Discussion by Oct.11th


Here is my flash project!

I had so much fun creating my project that I also played around with a Tween. Here it is.


I do not see the url for my flash project when I just posted it. My flash project comes up when you click on my name under the entry above, but here's the url for you again.


I am having trouble using the Flash program...I downloaded the trial version and when I open the Flash program, it won't let me use any of the functions. I have no idea why it's not letting me do anything. Does anyone know why this could be? Any help would be appreciated!

Here is my attempt at uploading my first flash URL.

Here is my attempt at the tween. Enjoy!

Here's my flash project... sorry if its a bit annoying... =)


Attempt Two

Here is my other attempt at this URL thing. Hope it works


Many people are doing their discussion on moodle just wanted to make sure you know that. We are all more used to that format so we kind of went where we know. Sorry if that is a problem just wanted to let you know in case you didn't.

Here is the link to my Flash project...sorry it's annoying...I was watching the Presidential Debate when I made it...


Not the prettiest project but I learned a lot doing it.